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WA Public Schools' Contemporary Music Ensemble Festival

8 September 2018
WA Public Schools' Contemporary Music Ensemble Festival

The WA Public Schools' Contemporary Music Ensemble Festival is open to public school ensembles with members attending the same school, under the direction of an Instrumental Music School Services teacher or a classroom music teacher from the school.

In 2018, the festival will be held on Saturday 8 September 2018.


Application forms will be available online by Monday 14 May 2018. For all dates, see the Events Calendar for 2018. Application forms will not be posted to schools. Any enquiries relating to the festival should be directed to Tanya Chapman or Jeremy Peet at Instrumental Music School Services.

The aims of the festival are:

  • to give bands an opportunity to perform to an audience using professional sound production
  • to give band members an opportunity to hear others perform
  • to provide each band with constructive comments from an informed adjudicator
  • to present to each band a certificate of participation.

Each participating ensemble is expected to present an appropriate and contrasting program of up to three pieces, with a total performance time not exceeding 15 minutes. Given the restriction of only one day for this event, schools entering more than one band should be prepared to prioritise their entries, with a total performance time not exceeding 30 minutes for each school.

The following equipment will be on stage at the festival:

  • drum kit
  • electronic keyboard
  • amps: keyboard amp, bass amp, four guitar amps
  • music stands
  • audio set up: (PA and operator will be provided)
  • four front of band vocal/instrumental microphones
  • fold-back speakers.

Ensembles will need to provide any other equipment that they require. Guitarists and bass guitarists must provide their own leads. Drummers must provide their own sticks and may use their own snare drums and cymbals, but remember that a quick changeover is essential between groups.

Students and parents are encouraged to listen to the other ensembles and to provide a supportive audience. However, it is expected that directors and parents will provide ongoing supervision and duty of care for students.

Contact information

Jeremy Peet at Instrumental Music School Services

Festival photographs

Photographs of participating ensembles from the 2017 festival are available for viewing and purchase at prophotobooth. Use the password 'rock17'.

WA Public Schools' Contemporary Music Ensemble Festival

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