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Areas of Responsibility: A Summary

The Instrumental Music School Services undertakes to:

  • Provide collaboration, advice and support through districts to schools and school clusters on matters relating to instrumental music as part of the total arts and music program
  • Provide weekly instrumental music instruction and ensemble participation to participating students in a manner that contributes to the achievement of both the Arts and overarching outcomes of the Curriculum Council's Curriculum Framework
  • Provide the guidelines and tools for selection of students into the instrumental music program
  • Provide and maintain instruments as negotiated and maintain a database of instrument loans to schools
  • Assess and report on student performance to the school as required, in a manner and format agreed between the school and the instrumental music teacher
  • Provide out-of-school opportunities for additional student activity in the arts through a program of festivals and showcase events
  • Provide access to instrumental music scores and reference material through the IMSS Resource Centre

The school undertakes to:

  • Support a classroom music program which is linked with the school's instrumental provision through IMSS
  • Participate in the ongoing review and planning of instrumental music
  • Using the guidelines provided by IMSS, select students for the instrumental program, liaising with instrumental teachers and parents
  • Provide suitable accommodation for instrumental music lessons
  • Establish an effective and appropriate communication strategy between the school and the instrumental music teacher
  • Clearly communicate school assessment and reporting requirements and due dates for instrumental music reporting
  • Administer and keep records of instrumental loans to students, and liaise with the Instrumental Music School Services regarding instrument loans
  • Pay the instrumental charge promptly on receipt of an invoice
  • Take responsibility for returning or replacing all music borrowed on the school's behalf from the Instrumental Music School Services Resource Centre
  • Select students for participation in the instrumental music program in consultation with instrumental teachers and parents

The instrumental music teacher undertakes to:

  • Design and deliver a satisfactory teaching program in collaboration with the classroom music teacher.
  • Assist schools in the selection of suitable beginner students
  • Organise a teaching timetable
  • Monitor, assess and report on student progress
  • Communicate with both the school and the Instrumental Music School Services as required
  • Advise schools on the selection of students, especially with regard to their physical suitability for the instrument offered

The student undertakes to:

  • Work to his/her best capacity during lessons
  • Practise regularly, particularly the work set for each week
  • Look after his/her instrument
  • Maintain the Instrumental Music Student Journal
  • Participate in an instrumental ensemble when judged ready
  • Participate in a classroom music programme as required by their school

The parents/guardians undertake to:

  • Supervise and encourage their child's practice at home
  • Support their child's participation in required musical activities
  • Pay any instrument charge promptly
  • Assist the child to look after his/her instrument
  • Obtain a suitable instrument at the end of the loan period
Areas of Responsibility: A Summary

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