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There are many different websites available that provide information on teaching and learning resources, networking groups, tertiary courses and career pathways. Searching the internet is a great way to become familiar with the many resources available to home educators.


Scootle is a web based resource bank which provides access to digital teaching and learning content published by Education Services Australia (ESA). While they are registered home educators, parents may request access to Scootle by emailing

Support materials and resources

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority provides materials and resources to support educators in their work through an Extranet. The materials and resources include:

  • P–10 judging standards work samples; and
  • examiner reports for ATAR course examinations.

Home educators seeking access to the Authority’s Extranet should contact the Authority.

Students with disability and additional needs

The Abilities Based Learning Education, Western Australia (ABLEWA) resources support the teaching and learning of students with disability and additional needs who are unable to access the P-10 curriculum.  The ABLEWA curriculum for all learning areas, other than Languages, is integrated into the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline as Stages A to D. ABLEWA is not mandated.

ABLEWA resources are available on the School Curriculum and Standards Authority website.

Home educators seeking access to the Assessment Tool and online Professional Learning should contact the Authority by emailing

A-E Exemplars

Annotated samples of student work, titled ‘A – E Exemplars’ are available for home educators. The exemplars provide examples of students’ work at each year level between K-10. Each exemplar provides the learning area, outcome, context and the grade received. The exemplars may be used by home educators as a monitoring and assessment tool. The A – E Exemplars are available on the Department’s Curriculum Support website.

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Student allowances - Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS)

The Secondary Assistance Scheme is intended to provide assistance to secondary students in meeting the costs of books and uniforms and includes eligible home-educated students. To be eligible for the allowance the parent/guardian must hold a Centrelink Family Health Care Card, a Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or a Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession card that represents a statement of income for the family.  The student must be registered for home education at an education office.

The allowance consists of two components:

  • $115 Clothing Allowance paid directly to the parent/guardian.
  • $235 Educational Program Allowance paid directly to the parent/guardian.

Application is made by the parent or guardian for student/s registered for study in the secondary years. 

Application forms are available from education offices. Applications must be received by the Schools Resourcing Branch (08 9264 4516) by the last day of term 1 of the current school year.

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Interm Swimming Program

Students of primary school age registered for home education are entitled to access in term swimming classes by arrangement through the Swimming and Water Safety Department.

For further information please visit Education Swimming or call 9402 6195.

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Medical and dental services

Home-educated students are entitled to access the school medical service and the school dental service provided by the Department of Health. Local public schools can provide the telephone number of the school nurse and the school dentist for appointments. Evidence of registration will be needed at the appointment.

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Student travel permits - SmartRider cards

Students registered for home education are eligible for student travel permits (known as a 'SmartRider' card from April 2005) which provide student concessions on public transport. These permits are made available by the Department of Transport.

If you wish your child to be issued with a Student SmartRider you should contact a Transperth Information Office. You will need to provide student information and proof that you are registered as the child’s home educator. A fee of $5.00 is made for the purchase of the card.


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