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Healthy Food and Drink

Healthy Food and Drink


Schools and their canteen or food service are well placed to support healthy eating and in fact have a vital role to play in helping to reduce the worldwide epidemic of childhood obesity.

Children should eat a wide range of foods so that they have the energy for learning and growing. A 'traffic light' system is in place to help public schools plan menus full of healthy, nutritious and affordable food and drinks.

The new standards require that foods in the:

GREEN GREEN category are encouraged. Schools should aim to fill their menus with these healthy foods.
AMBER AMBER foods should be selected carefully and eaten in moderation.
RED RED food and drinks are off the menu and will not be available in public schools.

Nutrition and physical activity messages are being taught in the classroom to promote healthy lifestyles. The standards for healthy food and drink choices in public schools are consistent with these curriculum messages and apply to canteens and food services, class treats and cooking activities, school camps and excursions.

Parents are encouraged to use the GREEN AMBER RED system at home too.

Healthy Food and Drink

Healthy Food and Drink

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