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Science teacher impresses with WA charm

29 May 2012
BACK from Canberra with an education award to call her own, East Narrogin Primary School teacher Lisa Nelson was presented with a 2012 Australian Academy of Science Teacher Award earlier this month.

Lisa was chosen as the West Australian winner after her achievements with the Primary Connections resources at her school caught the Academy’s attention.

“It was my involvement with Indigenous students that really set me apart from teachers in other states,” she said. “My teaching experiences with these students have such a collaborative feel, whereby they teach me their native knowledge and traditions from their elders.”

Winners from across the country were invited to Australia’s capital for a three-day ‘Science at the Shine Dome’ convention.

“The whole experience has been so amazing. It’s only now that I’m reflecting back on how much I’ve learnt from the event,” she said.

Implementing the Australian Curriculum into her science department over the past few years also prepared Lisa for her nomination application.

“The Primary Connections resources are all about targeting the 4 contact areas for science in the new curriculum, and we’ve been able to apply literacy and maths skills into those lesson plans.”

The event saw the Lisa join the country’s top scientists in presenting innovative research projects, with many teachers commenting positively on East Narrogin Primary School’s educational surroundings.

“You really can recognise the unique characteristics of Western Australian schools when you compare our teaching environments to other states,” she said. “We have such an amazing environment in which to teach science to our students.”

After attending several workshops and presentations in Canberra, Lisa has been inspired to start new projects with her students around Douglas Mawson and his scientific research in Antarctica.

Photo below:  Lisa Nelson (third from right) is joined by other state winners in Canberra. Courtesy of Mark Graham, Australian Academy of Science.

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Science teacher impresses with WA charm