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Call for gifted students gets big response

28 May 2012
MORE than 4,000 students have applied for Gifted and Talented programs in WA public secondary schools, new figures from the Department of Education show.

The number of applications received for the programs has increased by nearly 21 per cent on last year's figures.

Parents and hopeful Year 6 students were out in huge numbers at the weekend, with academic testing for the programs occurring at 11 Perth locations and in Bunbury, Broome and Esperance.

The students were tested on writing, non-verbal reasoning, reading comprehension and quantitative reasoning.

Year 6 student applicants are aiming for places in the programs in 2014 when they are in Year 8, while more than 620 students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 did tests earlier in May for entry into Gifted and Talented programs which have places available next year.

Entry into Shenton College and Perth Modern School were high on parents' and students' wishlists when Ed-E-News spoke to a few families after a testing session on Saturday (May 26).

Ian Geddes, father of Year 6 student Jaxon, said his son was looking to increase any opportunities he could get through the education system.

"He's into maths, and very strong in English as well. We've put Shenton College as number one choice, and Perth Modern School as number two," Mr Geddes said.

Shona Guilfoyle, mother of Ruby, said she had heard a lot about the program.

"Shenton College is our choice because I understand it's quite strong in sport as well, and Ruby loves sport," she said.

Ruby, who wants to be either a surgeon or a teacher, said the testing was "pretty scary. When I looked into the room I saw people who were there for a reason; not just for fun.

"That made we work a lot harder than I would have otherwise."

Ram Pundit, father of Seamus, said his son applied for a couple of reasons.

"Our daughter is already in the program - we have experience of it already, and that motivated us," Mr Pundit said.

"Seamus is interested into getting into some challenging areas; and we are aiming for Perth Modern School."

Ying Goh, mother of Erica Liu, said her older daughter was already at Perth Modern School and she would like Erica to join her as it was a good school.

"She's good at lots of areas," she said.

There are up to 950 places on offer for Year 6 students in Gifted and Talented programs for Year 8 in 2014. The places will be available in academic, arts and languages programs at 17 public secondary schools.
Applicants will be notified later this year.

In 2013, for the first time, Bunbury Senior High School will run a selective entrance academic program - the first in country Western Australia.

Photos from top: Year 6 student Jaxon Geddes with his father Ian at Shenton College, following testing for a place in a Gifted and Talented program in Year 8 in 2014; Year 6 Rosalie Primary School student Ruby Guilfoyle, pictured with her mother, is hoping for a place in a Gifted and Talented program for Year 8 in 2014; Year 6 student Seamus Pandit, pictured with his father, is hoping for a place in a Gifted and Talented program in 2014; Year 6 student Erica Lui, pictured with her mother, is aiming for a place in Perth Modern School.

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Call for gifted students gets big response