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Spotlight on music students at Opus Concert

27 June 2012
TWO hundred and fifty public school students will head to the stage at the Perth Concert Hall for the annual Opus Concert on Monday 2 July.

The concert kicks off at 7.30pm and will include performances by the combined school’s brass ensemble, Shenton College junior jazz band, Kelmscott Senior High School guitar ensemble string theory and Nedlands Primary School’s Year 4 and 5 choir.

The Perth Modern School wind ensemble, combined school’s percussion ensemble, Churchlands Senior High School chamber choirs and John Curtin College of the Arts and Rossmoyne Senior High School combined orchestras will also perform.

Instrumental Music School Services principal Bruce Herriman said the annual concert showcased just a small sample of the excellent musical activities and opportunities available to students in public schools.

“Each year the concert takes a different format and our aim is to feature the range of music performance opportunities offered in our public schools from the primary choral groups right through to the traditional concert bands and orchestras,” Bruce said.

“Over the past few years we have expanded our service to include contemporary popular forms of music and this year’s concert has a four-piece pop/rock band which will perform two original songs.”

Bruce said the new band is mainly self directed but has significant input from experienced electric guitar and contemporary band directors. Percussion instruments are also featured in the concert band and the percussion ensemble.

“We have a great team of percussion teachers who have provided many of the students that have gone on to study with Tim White, the principal percussionist with WASO.

“In fact some of these graduates have actually come back to work as teachers.”

Instrumental Music School Services provides specialised tuition for instruments and voice to about 15,000 students in 450 primary and secondary schools across WA.

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Photos: About 250 public school students will perform at this year's Opus Concert at the Perth Concert Hall.

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Spotlight on music students at Opus Concert