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Science success at Woodbridge

18 July 2012
WOODBRIDGE Primary School students are working with Scitech on a successful new science program.

The school has been working with Scitech’s professional learning consultants on a program in line with the Australian Curriculum that includes hands-on investigations in the classroom.

The program includes classroom modelling activities such as building helicopters out of paper and dropping them from a height to see how quickly they fall to the ground. Students then modify the helicopters to see if they can keep it in the air longer which gets them thinking about the investigation process as well as explore concepts of gravity, air resistance, design and technology.

Science coordinator Jenni Bannani said the program had resulted in significant improvements including greater knowledge of science concepts and improved staff confidence in teaching science.

“This program has almost certainly promoted a life-long love of science for the majority of the students. They now look forward to science lessons and activities and are disappointed if they miss out,” she said.

Jenni said key strategies behind the success of the program were that students investigated more independently and thought scientifically.

“The outcomes of this program on our school is great example of how collaborations with an organisation like Scitech can enrich and transform the understanding and appreciation of science for our students,” she said.

“We recommend any schools looking to enrich science in their schools to follow this approach.”

Other activities the Scitech team does with students is a wind activity where wind meters are created out of streamers. Streamers are then taken to various areas around the school to test the windiest areas which encourages observation skills and introduces learning about variables, constants and controls.

Photo: Woodbridge Primary School students conduct a science investigation in class.

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Science success at Woodbridge