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Perth Primary school has television premiere

9 August 2012
CREANEY Primary School has been front and centre screen these past few weeks, as new television advertisements for changes in public education premiered across the state.

The advertisement highlights the changes taking place in public schools in Western Australia, in particular; compulsory Pre-primary from 2013, which comes with a guaranteed placement for children at their local public school.

Filming took place last term at Creaney Primary School in Kingsley, and includes budding young film stars from public schools across Perth, as well as primary school teacher Sarah McCormick.

Trevor Mitchell, principal of Creaney Primary School, said that filming over the weekend was an experience beyond anything he could have imagined.

“The whole day was a learning experience for us all,” he said. “I don’t think any of us realised how much work goes into creating a TV advertisement.

“We had overwhelming support from our teachers and parents, some of who came out on the Saturday to help coordinate the kids,” he said.

Chosen as the filming location for their innovative facilities and strong school focus on technology, the commercial shines a spotlight on interactive learning and technology in public schools.

“The campaign looks very professional, and it’s really shining a guiding light for parents into the possibilities of early childhood education at public schools.”

Starring in the early childhood campaign for both television and print is young drama enthusiast Yves-Monique, from Madeley Primary School.

Her mother Teresa is also featured in the television advertisement, and said the campaign experience has been exciting for their whole family.

“The campaign pieces are so beautiful, and we’re very happy with how the film has turned out,” she said.

“Yves loves drama at school, and all her friends at school say she’s famous! It hasn’t gone to her head though – she takes it all in her stride and I’m so proud of her.”

Over 113,000 Western Australian viewers were tuned in to watch the Olympic Games opening ceremony on Saturday 28 July, and were first to watch the television advertisement debut.

Print posters and radio segments can already be seen and heard across WA, all of which are supported by newspaper advertisements, bus placards, and informative postcards distributed to all primary schools.

The advertisements can be seen on Channel 7, Channel 10, SBS and various free to air digital channels as well as WIN and GWN in regional areas until 5 September.

For more information on the changes happening in public education and enrolments for 2013, visit Schools and You.

Photo: Top right, public education advertisement featuring Yves-Monique.

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Perth Primary school has television premiere