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Student legacy inspires school community to raise money for burns victims

15 January 2013
MARMION Primary School students have raised more than $100,000 for burns research at Royal Perth Hospital.

The funds, which were raised over the past five years as part of the Jack Dunn Foundation, will be used to help burns victims and go towards new equipment for the RPH burns unit.

Burns specialist Dr Fiona Wood attended an assembly held at the school to show her appreciation for the work the students have done to raise money for burns research, including funding Andrew Stevenson with his PHD work on Epi Genetics and scarring.

“The funds will be used to purchase new equipment and will make a real difference to our research”, Dr Woods said.

“We have to learn every day, just like you do in school, so that we can help those that suffer from burns.

“I am really proud of the students and of the teachers who have planted the seed, and to all the members of the community that have helped to water it.”

Jack Dunn was a Morawa District High School student who tragically lost his life in 2003 as a result of severe burns he sustained during a paddock fire in Eneabba.

The Foundation was established after Jack’s death by his father Gary Dunn, a friend of Marmion Primary School deputy principal Glenn Buck.

Mr Buck formed the Jack the Wagtail leadership group at Marmion Primary School in 2005 to support the foundation.

“The program provides the senior students at Marmion Primary School with exciting opportunities to develop their leadership and communication skills,” said principal Mike Atkinson.

The program’s biggest fundraising event, The Physical Challenge, is held each November on Scarborough Beach.

A culmination of student negotiations with corporate sponsors, community groups, and the City of Stirling to organise, execute and evaluate a large scale public event, this year’s event raised more than $40,000.

Director General Sharyn O’Neill also attended the assembly and commented on how the program was the perfect example of how a school and community can come together and achieve a common goal.

“I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the students and the people of the Marmion Primary School community,” she said.

”I don’t think I’ve yet seen a program that is just as much about raising money as it is about heart.”

Student Lilly Hurn (pictured right with Glenn Buck and Sharyn O’Neill) sums up the generosity of the students. She recently asked guests at her birthday party to donate to the Jack Dunn Foundation, rather than purchase gifts. She raised $400.

Top photo: Dr Fiona Wood with Andrew Stevenson who received the cheque to fund his research.

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Student legacy inspires school community to raise money for burns victims