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Riverside Primary School is highly conscious of the need to minimise its consumption of paper. This is primarily from the perspective of environmental responsibility but also from that of sound financial management. The school has also acknowledged the need to look at the type and source of paper supplies in order to minimise negative environmental impacts.

In order to minimise paper consumption and ensure, where possible, that paper is sourced having regard to sustainability principles, a whole-school approach has seen a comprehensive range of curriculum initiatives and organisational processes including:
• Re-use processes established within individual classes and administration;
• Paper making activities using the school’s paper making kits;
• Using recycled photocopying paper in the school’s photocopiers; and
• Making double-sided photocopies, where possible.

Also, use of recycled paper for toilet rolls and paper towel is currently being investigated by the cleaner in charge of purchasing.

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Teaching and Learning

Curriculum initiatives aimed at minimising paper consumption (and associated environmental costs):
1. Re-use processes established within individual classes
Year 4 students shred newspapers (which would previously have been sent to a recycling facility) to provide an essential ingredient for the school composting system. By recycling the newspapers on site, fuel and energy are saved from their transportation to a recycling facility.
Students and staff across both schools from Kindergarten to Year 7 are involved in the daily task of recycling their paper and cardboard waste into the classroom recycling crates. Each Wednesday, student councillors collect the classroom paper recycling crates, along with paper recycling from the staffroom, office and library and deliver the recycling to the industrial bin.

By using the Backsafe Lifta-Bin, student councillors and their teacher save time and reduce the risk of injury when recycling paper to the industrial bin.

Student councillors periodically visit classrooms to promote paper recycling hints for students and teachers.

2. Paper making activities using the school’s paper making kits
Class paper making kits provide opportunities for all students to be actively involved in recycling paper into a new product. The paper making activity provides a practical and interesting way for students to learn about paper recycling while limiting the amount of paper being sent to a recycling facility. This saves energy and resources. The most recent class to use the paper making kits, a Year 4/5 Educational Support class, integrated paper making across the learning areas of Maths, Writing, Science, Language and their studies on Recycling.

The learning outcomes derived from this action-based learning activity are extensive, and students have the added bonus of creating a beautiful product for use that has minimal environmental impact.

Curriculum Links

English: Reading; Writing
Technology and Enterprise: Systems; Enterprise
The Arts: Arts Skills and Processes
Society and Environment: Resources; Active Citizenship
Values: Environmental Responsibility; Social and Civic Responsibility


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Sustainability Action Planning

Riverside Primary School consists of two schools (Riverside Primary School and Riverside Education Support Centre). Environmental Studies is a whole school focus and integrated across both schools.

Riverside Primary has implemented many environmental and ‘waste wise’ initiatives including an environmental focus for each year level.

The school has established an environment committee with broad representation across the school community. As the concept of sustainability is explored further, the intention is that the school’s existing environmental and social activities and programs are coordinated under the ‘umbrella’ of sustainability, and that a broad-based, whole-school Sustainability Action Plan be developed consistent with AuSSI-WA and instituted as part of the school’s ongoing planning and reporting processes.

Activities such as minimising purchasing of consumables e.g. paper, as appropriate, will be a key element of the school’s Sustainability Action Plan.

Professional learning

• Waste Wise Schools Program
• Ribbons of Blue

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Philosophy and Ethos

The school’s administration has always acknowledged the importance of the Core Shared Values of Environmental Responsibility and Social and Civic Responsibility and, as such, has embraced the concept of an Environmental Studies Plan (Sustainability Action Plan).

Ongoing exploration of, and engagement with, Education for Sustainability has seen the school committed to becoming a ‘Sustainable School’ and embedding sustainability within the culture of the school community.

Riverside Primary

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