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VacSwim FAQs

Q: Can I make a change to my child's enrolment details?
A: When you first register with us you will receive a unique login username and your details will be stored electronically for future programs.  This will allow you to manage your enrolment(s) online, including change of preferred venue, stage or cancellation of enrolment, before the closing date.  

Please note, you can receive a full refund only if you cancel before the enrolment closing date.

After the close of enrolments, stage changes may be made at the centre during the advertised late enrolment times. Check times in the Late Enrolments section or contact the VacSwim office for further information.  Late enrolment information will be published approximately two weeks before each program begins.

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Q: Can I request a refund?
A: You are able to cancel an enrolment any time before the closing date and automatically receive a full refund to your credit card that was used to make the purchase.  Simply login with your username and cancel the enrolment.

Requests for refunds other than for medical reasons will only be considered if received at least two weeks prior to the program commencement date.  These dates are shown below.

Program Commencement Date Refund considered on merit until:
October 27 September 2016 12 September 2016
October Short 3 October 2016 18 September 2016
Early Start 2016 17 December 2016 2 December 2016
January Program 1 3 January 2017 19 December 2016
January Short Program 9 January 2017 25 December 2016
January program 2 16 January 2017 1 January 2017

All requests:

  • must be in writing and include the receipt number
  • will be considered on its merit
  • will not be considered for ‘unsuitable class times'. Please take care when selecting a centre and consider both your child’s needs and your time availability
  • will not be considered when an applicant has completed one or more lessons.

Refunds for medical reasons will be considered separately.  A medical certificate must be provided.

Requests for refunds in VacSwim 16/17 programs must be received by Tuesday 14 February, 2017.  Any requests after this date will not be considered.

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Q: Can I transfer to another lesson or program?
A: In exceptional circumstances (e.g. sudden change in holiday arrangements or prolonged inclement weather at a surf/beach centre), children may transfer to another lesson within the same program.  They may also transfer to another program provided they have not completed more than three lessons in an earlier program. Back to top
Q: Can my children swim at the same time as each other or their friends?
A: We do our best to schedule lesson times for family members on each enrolment within the same timeslot or in consecutive timeslots. 

When enrolling, each family is issued with a group ID number, which can be shared with friends or other family members you wish to attend with.  They will then need to include this number on their enrolments.

Groups are limited to a maximum size of six.

All requests to keep family and friends' lesson times together are considered and grouped children will be allocated as close together as possible.  However, with a program of this size and complexity it is not always possible to meet every request.

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Q: How do I enrol in VacSwim?
A: Firstly choose the program and venue where you wish to participate in VacSwim from the Programs and Locations section.

Then enrol online or download an enrolment form and post your enrolment to VacSwim.  (Remember to supply an email or mobile phone contact so we can keep you abreast of any changes or updates to the program)

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Q: Is my child encouraged to be sun smart?
A: VacSwim lessons may be conducted both indoors and outdoors so we encourage all children to be sun smart:
  • slip on protective clothing
  • slop on SPF 30+ sunscreen
  • slap on a hat
  • seek shade
  • slide on some sunglasses.
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Q: Is my child's progress reviewed?
A: Brief meetings will be held on the Friday of the first week of lessons at all centres to report on swimmer progress.  Instructors will be available to meet parents/carers.  Please check at the centre during the first week of classes for meeting times. Back to top
Q: What are the parents'/carers' responsibilities while their children are at the centre?
A: Most swimming centres have policies requiring children to be supervised.  Parents/carers are requested to be available during lessons in case of any emergency. Back to top
Q: What do I do if the centre I am enrolled in is cancelled?
A: Classes will be offered at metropolitan and country centres listed in the Programs and Locations section.  Where low enrolment numbers, a lack of suitably qualified staff or venue closure warrant the cancellation of a centre, you will be allocated a place at your second preference. Back to top
Q: What is the responsibility of the swimming instructor?
A: VacSwim instructors are responsible only for those students directly involved in VacSwim while the lesson is being conducted.  Parents or caregivers are responsible for the duty of care of their child, so please ensure you are available during lessons in case of any emergency. Back to top
Q: What should I do if my child has a medical condition or disability?
A: After enrolling online please phone the VacSwim office on 9402 6412 quoting your online username (P number) to ensure suitable arrangements are in place for your child.

If enrolling by post, please complete the enrolment form carefully including all information on any condition that may affect safe participation in VacSwim.

Where a child has been observed or is otherwise known to be subject to any condition which may affect his/her safety, the child will not be permitted to swim unless a medical certificate is produced by the child’s parents stating that it is safe to do so, or supervision is arranged making it safe for the child to do so.  Where medical advice has been received stating that a child suffering from diabetes will require suitable supervision, a medical certificate is not required.

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Q: What stage should I enrol in?
A: Details of each stage can be found on the Stages and awards page.

If your children are undertaking lessons at school as part of the Interm swimming program before VacSwim we advise to anticipate a pass in this program and enrol them in the next level for VacSwim.  You can go to your enrolment page and make a stage change any time before enrolments close or at the centre's late enrolments day.

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Q: What time are the lessons?
A: Lessons will be conducted between the times indicated alongside each centre in the Programs and Locations section.  If you have a specific lesson time request you will need to email VacSwim after enrolling, but before the enrolment closing date, quoting your username and request.  Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate requests, specific lesson times cannot be guaranteed.  Refunds  are not possible for 'unsuitable lesson times'. Back to top
Q: Will my child be in a lesson with other students at the same level?
A: Children attempting the same stage will be assigned to a lesson.  However, at times it may be necessary to combine groups of more than one stage in the one lesson.  Care will be taken to ensure children are taught according to their stage and ability level. To help choose your child’s stage, visit the Stages and Awards section. Back to top
Q: Will my child receive a certificate?
A: VacSwim cannot guarantee a child will achieve an entire stage as a result of participating in the program.  Parents should be aware that children progress at different rates and need to practise skills.

Children in stages 1 to 9 will receive a progress report – The Swimming and Water/Surf Safety Continuum – indicating those skills achieved and if a stage has been passed.  Children successful in stages 10 to 16 will receive a separate calm water/pool or surf/beach certificate.

Stage 16 (Bronze medallion) certificates are issued by Royal Life Saving W.A..  These cannot be issued by our instructors on completion of the program and will be sent out to students once processed.

Due to the large number of continuums/certificates not collected at the end of the program, it is not feasible to post them out.  Original copies of unclaimed continuums can be collected from Swimming and Water Safety.

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VacSwim FAQs

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