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Sustainable Schools WA Toolkit

The Sustainable Schools WA toolkit contains a range of resources that can assist schools to develop a whole-school approach to Education for Sustainability (EfS).

Resources are organised into three main sections:

  1. ‘About Sustainable Schools WA’ which includes key information about the initiative;
  2. ‘Discover and Envision’ which includes information and activities that support the development of understandings about sustainability; and
  3. ‘Review, Plan and Celebrate’ which includes Sustainable Schools WA’s three key review, planning and celebration ‘tools’:
    (i) the ecological footprint; (ii) the social handprint and (iii) the key elements rubrics.

Ecological Footprint

Social Handprint

Key Elements Rubrics

The three tools provide a means by which schools can identify all the key EfS activities they are currently involved in, both in terms of activities and processes, and celebrate achievements to date. The tools provide a means by which all staff can see themselves 'on the same page' (or three, to be precise!), and thus provide a conceptual and organisational structure that supports whole-school activity.

Once an initial review (and celebration) has been carried out, schools can then identify planning opportunities to move their respective schools further along a continuum to becoming a ‘sustainable school’.

Review, planning and celebration activity can take place consistent with schools’ respective local context/needs.

Sustainable Schools WA Toolkit

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