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Climate Change

Climate change is an important phenomenon, and is likely to be of increasing significance to this and future generations as its impacts are more broadly experienced and understood in coming decades.

Humans have been identified as responsible for a significant component of existing and future climate change activity (anthropogenic change) via pollution associated with a range of activity based on/connected to fossil fuel consumption plus other activities that also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions e.g. use of agricultural fertilisers, landfill practices.

As students (and teachers) learn about climate change, it is important that they can readily be involved in taking action to lessen its potentially harmful impacts, creating a more sustainable world for this and future generations.

Many of the action-based learning activities supported and promoted through Sustainable Schools WA, such as worm farming, organic composting, using renewable energy, 'reducing, reusing and recycling' and 'TravelSmart' are playing a significant part in reducing our greenhouse gas pollution. The Coolbinia Primary School '10 Tonne Plan' provides a great example of what school communities can do in this area linked to an inspirational school vision.

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Climate Change

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