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Kinross College has made a significant contribution to the community’s disposal of batteries. The college contacted Mindarie Regional Council and, after persistence and support from the school, a Council member agreed to run a battery disposal program for Tamala Park (the local waste disposal and recycling facility).

There is a now a collection point at the college for dry cell batteries, including mobile phone, computer and hearing aid batteries. These are weighed and taken to Tamala Park by staff once a fortnight.

The scheme was launched with a competition amongst all of the learning communities within the college, and battery donations were weighed before they were placed in a decorated wheelie bin.

In 2005, Students visited the Chief Executive Officer at Tamala Park, and displayed their colourful battery bin. The students were very positive about representing their college and were amazed at the variety of reusable household items and furniture that was available at the facility.

Negotiation is currently underway for a potential partnership with a local battery store that ships their used batteries to the eastern states for recycling rather than safe disposal in landfill.

Reducing rubbish is a great goal. For a simple but very effective litter-reduction scheme, basketball hoops have been installed over indoor and outdoor bins.

Students enjoy the ‘Hunt for the Golden Garbage’ each week when a gold-sprayed drink carton is hidden in the college grounds and a daily clue is given as to where it is. Students collect other litter whilst on their search for the prize.

Curriculum Links: Values 4. Social and civic responsibility (4.1 - Participation and citizenship; 4.2 – Community; 4.4 - Contribution); Values 5. Environmental responsibility (5.3 - Sustainable development)

Kinross College also runs the following waste minimisation programs:

  • A “use both sides of the paper” (policy)
  • A paper recycling program in partnership with SITA
  • A toner and printer cartridge recycling program with Planet Ark
  • Compost and worm farms using organic waste
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