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Gibbs St Primary


Gibbs St Primary has been participating in the Department of Environment and Conservation’s (DEC’s) AirWatch program since 2002. Children have appeared on the Channel 7 Schools AirWatch segment and completed reading-related activities including interpreting weather maps and gaining an understanding of how the weather is forecast.

Students in Years 6 and 7 have been keen to express their opinions on, and demonstrate their knowledge of how various activities impact on local air quality.

The school has worked with AirWatch and made the focus the students themselves. AirWatch activities were chosen to raise awareness and foster positive attitudes towards local air quality issues towards creating a healthy living environment.

Staff wanted to increase student understanding of causes and effects of haze, smog and greenhouse gases and foster understanding of health and lifestyle issues in relation to air quality.

AirWatch has provided students with prizes such as drink bottles as incentives for their participation and hard work.

Community Partnerships

  • DEC’s AirWatch program
  • Waterwise Schools Program (Water Corporation)
  • Kalamunda schools during the ‘Schools Network for Air Quality’ project


One of the key challenges was convincing staff and Administration of the value of the project and demonstrating effective curriculum integration to allow for significant focus on such a meaningful program. Such projects are a valuable way to get both students and staff thinking about the future, and the sort of planet that future generations will inherit.

Curriculum Links

Science: Earth & Beyond; Life & Living
Society and Environment: Place and Space; Active Citizenship
Health: Knowledge & Understanding; Self-Management Skills
Values: Environmental Responsibility; Conservation of the Environment

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