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Sustainable Schools WA

Campbell Primary

Sustainability Action Planning

Initially a staff member began implementing ideas from the Waste Wise Schools Program Professional Development, and in the past the school has had Committees, including the Science Committee, that tried to advance the sustainability message through organised activities and lessons.

This evolved further when the school was involved in the Sustainable Schools Initiative WA (AuSSI-WA) Professional Development and individual teachers then took on sustainability activities and projects with their own students and the school.

The Principal and Deputies support the inclusion of sustainability into the school by providing Professional Development for teachers and allowing the team collaboration time to develop teaching and learning opportunities for students. They also oversee and approve events that are organised by staff and the Principal forwards mail regarding sustainability to relevant people.

The school does not have an appointed Sustainability Education Coordinator as there is a shared responsibility across the school. The knowledge gained from Professional Development sessions is shared amongst the staff, and outside agencies e.g. Department of Environment and Conservation (Water Wise Schools Program) and Department of Education and Training (AuSSI-WA) are then contacted to assist in the process.

Professional Development for Education for Sustainability

The following Professional Development has been undertaken by various staff members to date:

  • Waterwise Schools Program
  • AuSSI-WA
  • Waste Wise Schools Program
  • TravelSmart/Millennium Kids

Campbell Primary currently has a Waste Wise Policy and a Waterwise Education Plan. Decisions regarding Education for Sustainability within the school are made through a whole school staff approach and then implemented at a class level.

Campbell Primary

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