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Student councillors wanted to put in place an environmental initiative, and information about the TravelSmart to School program was passed on to interested staff who registered the school for the program.

Year 7’s were at the forefront of the project as they recognised that a large number of the school’s students lived near the school but relied on cars for transportation. The car park was always full and the aim was to reduce the amount of traffic.

Senior students promoted the initiative, encouraging other students to walk, ride or catch public transport through posters and ‘Walk and Ride to School’ days. They also wrote a song about TravelSmart and performed it to the whole school assembly and designed and made ‘Harry the Horse’ a paper mache mascot for Campbell Primary’s TravelSmart to School program.

Weekly class checklists were organised to record the number of students who walked and rode to school. Harry the Horse was used as a prize, a reminder and an incentive to keep the sustainability message and to practise sustainable behaviours. Harry the Horse was given to the class that had the most number of students walking and riding to school, and a bike raffle was held and other small prizes were also given out.

Community Partners

Community partners for this project include:

  • Millennium Kids - coordinators of the TravelSmart to School program in WA
  • City of Gosnells
  • Local bike shop

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