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Sustainable Schools WA

East Narrogin Primary

Teaching and Learning

Students were asked to define what a ‘sustainable school’ meant to them (using library resources such as dictionaries, thesauruses and the internet) and to question whether or not East Narrogin Primary had achieved this status yet.

To add to the authenticity of their research, Dr. Bill Castelden (Chair for Doctors of the Environment) was invited to the school through the local Rotary Club to speak with students about his role, and to emphasise why we need to embrace sustainability practices.

The students were quite captivated by the information and the presentation was then used as a springboard into a great literacy-based project. The students were asked to use the main points of Dr. Castelden’s presentation to promote sustainability to the school community.

Teachers used this opportunity to teach students about the conventions of posters and leaflets and to imagine that they were writing a page to be published in the fortnightly school newsletter.

Students had to simultaneously process and explore the information, while also thinking about the best way to present the information to a particular audience. Everyone was impressed with the quality of the work produced by the students and the Principal was asked to judge the two winning entries from each class to be published in the school newsletter. These students were delighted to see their work ‘in print’.

The Administration team has also introduced ‘The class Environment Award’ which is presented bi-monthly at assembly to a class that has been actively involved in Education for Sustainability.

Curriculum Links

English: Writing
Society and Environment: Active Citizenship

East Narrogin Primary

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