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Churchlands Senior High


The ‘Earth Avengers’ are an enthusiastic group of students who are passionate about promoting environmental and social sustainability within the school. These students value the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities, knowing that they are “making a difference”.

Some of the activities that the Earth Avengers enjoyed during 2005 were:

  • Selling chocolates and hosting a free dress day to raise funds for the Australian Bush Heritage Fund, Oxfam and Perth Zoo’s Project Sun Bear. These organisations represent different areas of sustainability.
  • A litter survey to assess the impact of waste around the school and negotiations with canteen staff to encourage the purchase of products with recyclable packaging.
  • Writing a sustainability article in the school’s monthly newsletter. As part of this activity, the Earth Avengers interviewed role models (including the school chaplain and other students) to showcase their commitment to sustainability activities.
  • Promoting successful projects in the 2005 yearbook. The two page spread included information on “What is sustainability?”, so that the school community could be exposed to the many aspects of sustainable action (and be encouraged to get involved).

Curriculum Links: Values 4. Social and Civic Responsibility (4.1 – Participation and Citizenship; 4.3 – Community; 4.4 – Contribution)

Curriculum Links: Society and Environment (Investigation, Communication and Participation; Place and Space; Resources)

The Earth Avengers display some of the awards won through the school’s contribution to sustainability.

The Earth Avengers are also involved in the Trees for Survival Program in which thousands of native seedlings are propagated by students in the school’s shade-house. The highlight of this program is a camp in the wheat-belt area, where students plant the seedlings in allocated corridors of land on privately owned farms.

Earth Avengers look after the native seedlings.
Over three days, students learn the art of tree planting and enjoy the relaxed camaraderie. It is particularly rewarding for students to see trees that have been planted in previous years.

Students experience the culture of a rural lifestyle as they visit the shearing sheds, watch the sun set over the vast natural landscape and share campfire relaxation with cooking, card games and conversation. The camps are so successful that school leavers who are now in university have attended the camps on a voluntary basis.

“It is hard work, but enjoyable”: Earth Avenger who attended one of the camps in 2005.

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