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Sustainability Action Planning

Chrysalis’ Sustainability Committee, formed in August 2005, includes parents, teachers and the principal. Students are also invited to be involved in meetings. There are currently five working groups of the Sustainability Committee, including the ChrySOLARis sub-committee.

This sub-committee includes students, teachers, the principal and technical partners - a team with expertise in electrical engineering, design, installation, budgeting, energy studies, research, investigative skills and promotion.

The sub-committee researched all aspects of installation, protection against vandalism and connection costs. The school also conducted a full energy audit to assess current energy consumption as a comparative measure. After much fund raising and networking to secure community support, the project began to take form.

The school is mindful of communicating their ideas and activities in many ways, for example newsletters, posters and displays around the school and presentations at school meetings (assemblies). A communication checklist ensures that messages reach everyone in the school community.

A series of files, with ongoing records of the school’s activities, policies and plans for the past, present and future, will also be kept in the foyer where it will be accessible for all in the school community.

“Find ways to resolve issues peacefully. Spread the sustainability message and take it beyond the walls of the school. Be strong in the sustainability convictions you are promoting.” Elaine Lewis, Sustainability Coordinator 2006

Chrysalis Montessori

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