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West Leeming Primary

Sustainability Action Planning

Our school has been involved in the Sustainable Schools Initiative for nearly two years and we have been heavily involved in the Waste Wise Schools’ Program since 2002.

In 2006 the school Principal and one staff member attended the Sustainable Schools Initiative WA (AuSSI-WA) professional learning experience. We recognised that our existing program included sustainable practices but we gained a much better understanding of the bigger picture of sustainability. We saw that we could improve on our efforts by tying all existing programs together under the umbrella of Education for Sustainability. We then discussed with staff the prospect of becoming a ‘Sustainable School’ and embedding sustainability into all school programs. We committed to this through our 2007 School Development Plan.

The Principal recognises sustainability as being an integral part of the teaching and learning program at West Leeming Primary. He supports all efforts to become involved in sustainable practices and has a clear understanding of the need to embed its philosophy in the curriculum.

The school has developed a Sustainability Committee comprised of the Deputy, Principal, three teachers, the gardener, two parents (who are also P&C representatives) and the Sustainability Education Coordinator.

Our Sustainability Committee meets and discusses sustainable practices and new initiatives to be implemented in the school. Feedback from these meetings is then presented to all staff at staff meetings where issues are discussed and decisions are made.

Our Deputy is a member of the Sustainability Committee and is also involved in the student body of “Eco-Rangers” who also promote sustainable practices within the school.

West Leeming Primary has a Sustainability Education Coordinator whose role is to liaise with all members of the Sustainability Committee, liaise with all outside agencies, in-service staff on the Sustainable Schools Initiative and chair the “Eco-Rangers” meetings. Included in the role is working with Committee members on the School Development Plan which is based on sustainability and coordinate initiatives which we have undertaken.

Although the Department of Education and Training’s selection criteria for staff does not specifically mention sustainability, the West Leeming Primary school overview and context does, and it is expected that teachers will outline their understandings of, and experience, within the criteria.

Professional Development

  • Sustainable Schools Initiative WA PD (external)
  • Sustainable Schools Initiative WA PD run over 3 sessions with all staff internally by the Sustainability Education Coordinator
  • Professional Learning on Biodiversity by Department of Environment and Conservation – “Caring for Places” resource and information
  • Waterwise Schools’ Program in-service for staff including an overview of the “Ribbons of Blue” program
  • Whole staff Professional Learning day at “Hills Forest Education Centre” (Mundaring) to assist staff on two full day excursions at the Centre to follow with all students



After completing the (AuSSI-WA) ‘Ecological Footprint’ and ‘Social Handprint’, the school was able to identify areas that we need to concentrate on within Education for Sustainability. Through this process the Sustainability Committee drafted the 2007 School Development Plan and based this around the ten key elements of sustainability. It is now mandatory that teachers adhere to this framework.

We also have a Sustainability Policy which is documented and included with all school policies. We have overall statements on sustainability plus individual ecological policies on Biodiversity, Waste and Water and a Policy on Student Well Being which is our Values Policy.

West Leeming Primary

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