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Teaching and Learning

The highlight of the project was the community involvement, and the enthusiasm to assist others in need was amazing. Students tried really hard to involve someone they knew in the project and our senior citizens were very willing to be involved.

Students wrote letters to residents of the Leeming Retirement Village asking for their support which gave purpose to their writing. Students also practised their public speaking skills promoting the project to the school community.

Partnerships were developed with all who became involved in the project. Retirees from the Leeming Retirement Village supported our efforts by knitting/crocheting rugs and toys as did members from the Melville Senior Citizens, the Kwinana Bowling club, parents and grandparents from the school community.

A partnership was also developed with the ‘Wheelchairs for Kids’ workshop manager and volunteers who visited the school to motivate students prior to the ‘lapathon’ and during the appeal.

A year seven teacher taught her class to knit squares and together they completed a beautiful rug from the school.

One member of the community (a past parent of the school) taught herself to crochet from the internet and then completed 7 rugs!

Curriculum Links

English: Speaking; Writing
Health: Knowledge; Attitudes & Values
Society and Environment: Active Citizenship

West Leeming Primary

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