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Sustainable Schools WA

Sustainable Schools WA

Singelton Primary

Teaching and Learning

  • The project was established as a ‘non-negotiable’ learning experience for the whole school with a K – 7 scope and sequence implemented
  • An 18 month action timeline was produced with review and extension after 1 year
  • Practical guides were written and distributed to staff
  • Workshops linked to the non-negotiable activities along the project time line were conducted and offered annually, allowing new staff to gain an understanding of the program
  • Sharing of cross-curricular activities used by staff
  • Regular reflection on practicality, outcomes and development were timetabled
  • Representatives of all interested parties included in project development meetings.
  • Ownership of various aspects of the project delegated to interested parties thereby ensuring a team approach thus avoiding the collapse of the program due to the loss of its leader
Singelton Primary

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