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Dandaragan Primary


Dandaragan has been a Waterwise school since 2001, and the following features help to minimise water wastage on school grounds:

  • In 2003, students planted native ‘water wise’ gardens around the school. Mulch is used to minimise water evaporation and keep the gardens healthy.
  • The school has the Biomax toilet system whereby waste is treated and used on gardens.
  • Subsurface drip irrigation is installed under the school lawns and garden beds. The Department of Housing and Special Works kindly donated $45 000 for the irrigation system.

In 2005 Dandaragan Primary was named the top Waterwise School in the Mid West Region via a Water Corporation competition, and received $500.

Curriculum Links: Values 5. Environmental responsibility (5.2 – Conservation of the environment; 5.3 – Sustainable development)

In addition to the fantastic Waterwise features at the school, students at Dandaragan are learning how to protect and preserve their local waterways through a range of activities including water quality monitoring linked to on-grounds action / remediation.

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Dandaragan Primary

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