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Albany Primary

Teaching and learning

The hardware and software used to generate and communicate energy derived from renewable sources by the school will be integrated into teaching and learning programs - a website where students and others can access current and past data on energy created using the solar panels is a key component of this.

The school has implemented several initiatives to reduce energy consumption. In 2007 we conducted awareness-raising of how much energy we use at the school. This was combined with prompting through the school communications systems of staff meetings, in-house circulars, and school newsletters.

Students were taught about energy saving and made signage for use around the school. By the beginning of 2008 the school achieved an energy reduction of 9.2%.
In 2009 we plan to inaugurate a team of students to spot check energy use in the school environment. It is planned to call the team the “Just Right Power Pirates” – their aim is to ensure that energy use is “just right”, i.e. not too much, not too little. “Just right” power use will be recognised at assemblies and through the school newsletter.

Curriculum Links

English: Reading; Writing; Listening; Speaking
Mathematics: Chance and Data; Number; Working Mathematically
Science: Life and Living; Energy and Change
Technology and Enterprise: Information; Systems
Society and Environment: Investigation, Communication & Participation; Resources; Active Citizenship
Values: Social and Civic Responsibility; Environmental Responsibility

Albany Primary

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