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Singleton Primary’s ‘Adopt A Beach’ project is rejuvenating a section of local sand dunes. The project was initiated in 2003 as a small classroom project and has evolved into a ‘non-negotiable’ learning opportunity involving the whole school.

The school is situated in the coastal region south of Perth dune and destruction due to property development is very much in evidence. This has provided the perfect opportunity to establish an authentic Education for Sustainability (EfS) teaching and learning experience.

The Adopt A Beach project provides the opportunity for many community partnerships in the form of collaboration between students, staff, Rockingham City Council and community volunteers.

There have been a number of challenges over the years associated with the project including funding, continuity, plant deaths and staff interest however these have all been met with enthusiasm allowing possible solutions to be trialled and successfully implemented.

Consolidation of the project is the key focus for 2008; the project has come a long way since its inception and needs appropriate embedding within the school plan and (re) confirmation of its position as a valuable learning opportunity.

A major highlight of the program is the completion of a herbarium of both native and weed plants by students (with many of the samples used as evidence on the Department of Environment and Conservation’s (DEC’s) flora database). The comments from amazed parents, whose children have proudly shown them ‘their’ plants on ‘their’ beach and how they have been planted to help save the environment, has also been a highlight for everyone involved.

Curriculum Links

Science: Investigating Scientifically; Life and Living

Society and Environment: Investigation, Communication and Participation; Place and Space; Time, Continuity and Change; Active Citizenship

Values: Self Acceptance and Respect of Self; Social and Civic Responsibility; Environmental Responsibility

Many aspects of the project’s activities are cross curricular in nature, and indirect links have also been made to the English, Maths, and Technology & Enterprise Learning Areas.

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Singelton Primary

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