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Bunbury Primary School has had the opportunity to become part of a unique and exciting project known as the Crooked Brook Alliance.

Crooked Brook Forest Recreation Area is the only community-managed forest in the state.

Crooked Brook is now a wheelchair-accessible area of jarrah-marri forest with rammed-earth paths, barbecues, a large pond and sign-posted trails that enable visitors to view unique flora and learn about the area’s natural and cultural history.

A special partnership between Bunbury Primary School and the Crooked Brook Forest Recreation Area, known as the Crooked Brook Forest Alliance, is the result of the dedication of school staff members and the enthusiastic response from the students, as well as the generous support from several community organisations.

Over time, class excursions to the area are being fine-tuned and adapted to different year levels. A range of hands-on activities promote a love and understanding of the forest and enable students to play an important role in monitoring and recording sections of the forest’s biodiversity throughout the year.

A wide range of student activities focusing on local flora and fauna are linked to this special area – for further details see the ‘full story’.

Crooked Brook Forest

Tree planting also takes place within the Crooked Book area. Provenance planting (planting of local species) will be carried out in 2006, with collected seeds being germinated at school and then planted back into the gravel pit areas at Crooked Brook.

Fish for the Future

Several classes at the school have also been involved in Fish for the Future activities. Education officers from the Fisheries Department have visited the school to present talks on the importance of number and size regulations when fishing.

Following the talks, classes visited the Big Swamp Drain where they fished using their own rods or with rods provided by Fish for the Future. Fish were measured and released according to regulations – hooks were cut off instead of being pulled out and fish were handled with cloths to avoid contamination.

Curriculum Links: Values 5. Environmental responsibility (5.2 – Conservation of the environment; 5.3 – Sustainable development)

Curriculum Links: Society and Environment (Place and Space); Science (Investigating; Life and Living)

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