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Amazing Careers in Defence Industries
Amazing Careers in Defence Industries
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School Pathways Program

HMAS Stirling Garden Island Excursion

17 March 2015
Sustainable links to real life applications of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Since 2010, the School Pathways Progam (SPP) has developed an ongoing working relationship with staff at HMAS Stirling, to facilitate access to the secure site at Garden Island. Gail Manton, Program Manager of the SPP explained that “This relationship has successfully supported student engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) pathways and sustainable links to industry and real life applications”.

On the 17 March 2015, 20 Marine and  Maritime specialist students (9 girls and 11 boys) and two staff from South Fremantle Senior High School (SFSHS) were provided the opportunity to interact with Naval staff on HMAS Sirius and the Submarine Escape Hatch Training Facility.

HMAS Sirius implements Environmentally Sustainable Practices

Students and staff were pleased to be informed of  the sustainability adaptations and modifications made on HMAS Sirius (which is one of the supply vessels for the Australian Navy). ‘Blood & bone’ is used as a fire retardant instead of harsh chemicals which detrimentally impact marine habitats.

The students found the presentation on the science behind the water conversion operating system on HMAS Sirius inspiring.The young engineering technician delivering the information was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.The students were completely engaged, asking completely relevant questions based on the foundation of their school STEM studies.

Submarine Escape Hatch Training Facility

SFSHS Marine and  Maritime Specialist students witnessed diving theory in action at the Submarine Marine Escape Hatch facility.The technology involved in the decompression chambers, the ‘hatch’ and jerkins worn by the divers was most relevant to  student studies. Students witnessed divers demonstrating the escape hatch in operation, divers shooting up from a depth of 22 metres to the surface in 4 seconds.

All SFSHS students and staff attending have gained their Open Water or Advanced Open Water (SCUBA) qualification through the SFSHS STEM-based Marine and Maritime specialist program.

The students and staff were very fortunate to participate in a tour of the updated Naval Museum given by Petty Officer Ms Toni Ralph. The museum displays naval memorabilia and artefacts and highlights the integral role of the Navy in the development and history of Western Australia. Ms Toni Ralph provided a wonderful role model as a Naval advocate, being passionate and enthusiastic about her career pathway in addition to the associated advantages of pursing a STEM career through the Defence Forces.

Julie Miller
Industry Liaison Officer

School Pathways Program
Henderson Cluster

HMAS Stirling Garden Island Excursion

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