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Amazing Careers in Defence Industries
Amazing Careers in Defence Industries
A diverse and interesting range of careers and opportunities are available in this sector.

School Pathways Program


The Telecommunications industry covers a vast array of technologies that send information over distances. Discoveries and improvements have been made at a rapid rate over the last decade.

Careers in this field can include:

  • Audio Visual technicians
  • Broadcast Technicians
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Fibre optics technicians
  • Line Installers and repairers
  • Network Systems Analyst
  • Satellite Systems Technician

The Western Australian Industry Training Council Future Now has some excellent information and links on their website including information on careers and training in this field.

Curtin University offers a range of courses including Bachelor of Engineering with an Electronic and Communication Engineering Major and Master of Engineering Science (Telecommunications and Networking)

Murdoch University offers a wide range of courses through their School of Information Technology

Polytechnic West offers a Certificate II in Telecommunications – Part time only

Private providers include Integracom a dedicated telecommunications and technical security training company based in Burswood WA.


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