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Amazing Careers in Defence Industries
Amazing Careers in Defence Industries
A diverse and interesting range of careers and opportunities are available in this sector.

School Pathways Program

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Industry Involvement in School Based Traineeship Program

Industry support is vital for the School Pathways Program School Based Traineeships Program. Trainees spend one day each week in a suitable work environment, working with tradespeople who are qualified in the specific trade of the traineeship. Trainees are paid a host employer wage, and are mentored by the Group Training Organisation (GTO) Field Officer who regularly checks on the trainees both in the work place and at TAFE to ensure progress and achievement of all competencies. The GTO involved with this program is South Metropolitan Youth Link (SMYL) who act as the “employer” in the traineeship model. Monitoring reports are gathered by SMYL, thus ensuring minimal paperwork is required to be completed by industry. In addition, all insurances and PPE are supplied. This model of training is an efficient way for young people to gain necessary industry experience and for industry to view potential employees in their workplace. Below is a list of industries who have accepted a School Based Trainee as part of the Defence and Allied Industries School Pathways Program.

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