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Promoting reading

Literary events

Reading enrichment programmes are greatly enlivened through student participation in literary events run throughout the year. Library displays and classroom activities can be productively linked to these literary events.  Schools may also organise author and illustrator visits and residencies.

Children’s book week

Children’s book week, run by the Children's Book Council of Australia is the longest running children's festival in Australia. Schools and public libraries all over Australia spend the week celebrating books and teachers and libraries develop all kinds of activities relating to the year’s theme to highlight the joy of reading.

Other related literary events provide reading enrichment activities throughout the year such as 'Make your own book competition' or young reader's shadowing the 'Book of the Year' judging after the Short list and Notables are announced. Search online for the plethora of suggested and book related activities.

Literary awards

Australian and overseas book awards for children's and young adult literature can be used by teachers to promote an interest in reading. Awards include literary awards judged by adults, and children's choice awards in which children vote for their favourite title. Major literary awards for adults may be of interest to senior literature students and teachers.

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Reading enrichment activities

Many school libraries run a range of literature promotion activities to encourage individual responses and group discussions.  This includes activities such as book clubs, book raps, graffitti walls, graphic novels, literature circles, picture book responses and/or readers' theatre.

Book trailers, Book covers, Making links between texts

Published book trailers may be used to effectively promote reading. Publishers' and authors' websites often provide highly professional book trailers while many student created trailers are shared online.

Student trailers, made with readily available tools like using movie maker, imovie or photostory, provide a popular form of response to reading. 

Alternatively, book covers or searching websites that speicalise in finding readalikes suggestions also provide valuable resources for students' engagement and response to reading.

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Promoting reading

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