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General religious education

General religious education (GRE)

General religious education (GRE) can be included in the school curriculum as part of teaching and learning activities.  The focus is on the study of major forms of religious thought and expression that are characteristic of Australian and other societies in the world.

Teachers are encouraged to align their general religious studies with the learning area content described within the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment outline.

In accordance with the Act (section 72[1],[2],[3]) principals are able to exempt a child from attending a class in any part of the curriculum at the parent's written request, as long as the principal is satisfied that the request is made on the grounds of conscientious objection*. The principal will subsequently notify the parent of the decision to grant, grant on conditions, or refuse the request. 


*An objection by a parent to having their child participate in a particular class, based on a personal, philosophical, religious or educational conviction that participation in that class would be prejudicial to their child.


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General religious education

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