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The following websites assist schools when preparing for iPad implementation in the classroom.

  • The Early Years of Schooling (2011)
    An initiative of the Director General’s Classroom First Strategy
    This statement will help school leaders and early childhood teachers by providing them with clear expectations along with guidance about curriculum, pedagogies and assessment appropriate to the early years.
  • Resources and Technical Support
    Resources for schools on the set-up of iTunes and the distribution of mobile applications can be found on the Western Australian Department of Education's Buying website.
  • Connect
    Connect provides support for teachers, students and schools, access to resources online, news, communities and classrooms.
  • Department of Education and Training Queensland - Smart Classrooms iPad Trial
    Information on Department of Education and Training Queensland’s iPad Trial. This trial was designed to investigate the suitability and effectiveness of the new device for educational purposes and business productivity in both state schools and corporate offices.
  • Victorian Government iPads for Learning website
  • iPads at Burley
    One of the first known iPad trials in education at Burley School, Chicago. Part of their research assisted Settlers Primary School with their iPad innovation.
  • iTunes U (this link will only open when using an iPad)
    iTunes U courses let teachers give each class a customised learning experience. Teachers can create and manage their course and students can experience it all from the iTunes U app on iPad.
  • Apple in Education
    Find information on how these devices are being used in the classroom, application recommendations and information on iTunes U.
  • Apple iPad Support
    Apple’s iPad support page. Find video tutorials and information on how to setup and use an iPad.
  • Apple iPad User Guide
    iPad support manual, in PDF format.
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