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Duty of Care for Students

The Department of Education is committed to providing inclusive, safe and supportive learning environments for all students in public schools.  Duty of Care is central to this commitment and underpins and drives most school policies and practices.

A ‘duty of care’ is imposed by the law to take care to minimise the risk of harm to another.  Teaching staff owe a duty to take reasonable care for the safety and welfare of students whilst students are involved in school activities.  The duty owed is not a duty to ensure that no harm will ever occur, but a duty to take reasonable care to avoid harm being suffered.

The Duty of Care for Students policy explains:

  • what ‘duty of care’ means
  • how teaching staff may discharge their duty of care to students
  • the circumstances in which non-teaching staff, external providers and volunteers may owe students a duty of care.

For additional professional learning the Accountable and Ethical Decision-Making online course deals with the Department's code of ethics and outlines how the code works in practice as a foundation for making decisions and actions that can be justified and adequately explained.  The course is available via the Portal within the Professional Learning.

The Standards and Integrity Directorate also provides face to face training.  For more information contact the A/Senior Consultant Prevention and Education, Standards and Integrity Directorate.

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