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Carnivals and Interschool Sport


Schools use a variety of different carnival formats that are relevant for their students and link with the outcomes of their physical education programs.

Competitors participate in graded divisions in the range of traditional events.  This activity may includes the whole school population or most frequently from Years 4 to 7.

Groups of students participate in a number of challenging skill or novelty events as well as traditional swimming or athletic events.  The groups rotate through all the events.  Competition can often be organised in form groups/classes.

This format provides students with performance opportunities in activities that have been part of the physical education program.  Each event has a scoring system based on group performance.

Students participate in the range of traditional events but each performance is recorded and scores points measured against a predetermined set of standards.

With this format students have the opportunity to perform under competition conditions and improve on performances from physical education lessons.

Year carnivals
Conducting carnivals with a year group or combination of year groups can be a successful variation from the traditional
full-school event.  These events can make for greater student participation and minimise disruption to the school.

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Carnivals and Interschool Sport

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