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Gifted and Talented Programs

Your child can discover a world of opportunities in Gifted and Talented Programs.

Offered at 18 select public secondary schools, your child will be taught by experienced teachers with specialist knowledge who will develop their talents and help them reach their full potential.

Your child will study with other gifted students and follow a curriculum designed specifically for their needs. They will enjoy a rich learning environment that is challenging and stimulating.

Participating in an academic, arts or languages program means your child will:

  • study an enriched curriculum;
  • have access and links with universities and industry bodies;
  • have contact with leading industry professionals;
  • take part in competitions at national and international levels; and
  • have access to mentoring programs.

Demand for these programs is strong and entry is very competitive.


Testing for Gifted and Talented Programs occurs each year. All applicants for Gifted and Talented Programs need to sit the Academic Selective Entrance Test and may also need to complete combined workshops; auditions; and interviews, depending on the programs they are applying for.

The Gifted and Talented Selection Unit will advise you of the appropriate testing dates. See key dates and timelines for an outline of the testing schedule.

Application guidelines

For essential information including the enrolment policy, criteria for entry, application placement process and frequently asked questions download a copy of the Gifted and Talented Programs application guidelines.


Gifted and Talented Programs

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