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Implementation of the Western Australian Curriculum
Implementation of the Western Australian Curriculum
The Western Australian Curriculum sets out the core knowledge, understanding, skills and general capabilities important for all Western Australian students.

Western Australian Curriculum Support

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Graduate Teacher Induction Program

Induction process

Designing an effective and successful induction in schools

Elements Process In place To be considered

Customise in-school support

Develop an in-school induction kit.

  • Include key documents and practical information, such as school operational plan, school business plan, behaviour management plan, assessment policy, community links and performance development documents.

Leadership contact

Engage, share and provide feedback opportunities.

  • Discuss the school’s vision, priorities, policies and procedures, and familiarise your graduate with any support programs available to staff.
  • Provide opportunities for follow up, feedback and support through regular meetings as part of the school day. Ensure teacher wellbeing becomes a part of this support.

Targeted professional learning

The Graduate Teacher Program is a requirement of the Department. •Modules 1-3 are to be completed sequentailly. The  4th module: De-escalation and positive handling may be accessed at anytime within the first 30 months of teaching.

  • Allocate time for graduate teachers to review professional learning content.
  • Notify graduate teachers of other mandated professional learning courses, such as, Child Protection and Abuse Prevention, Aboriginal Cultural Appreciation, Accountable and Ethical Decision Making and Students Online policy course.
  • Provide opportunities for graduate teachers to develop specific skills and interests.

Practice-focused mentoring

Allocate school-based mentors to provide support and information on school processes, and model and share good practice.

Provide mentors with training through accessing the Department's Mentoring program.
Support practice-focused mentoring through time allocation.



Practical information

Ensure graduate teachers register online through PLIS for the modules, in the recommended timeframes.

  • Encourage graduate teachers to apply for the In-Class Coaching Program (ICCP) to align with the Department’s preferred pathway towards full registration with the TRBWA.
  • Discuss expectations and requirements for transitioning to full TRBWA registration.

Networks and collaboration

Provide opportunities for graduate teachers to lead and deliver professional learning to colleagues.
Networks and collaboration.

  • Encourage involvement in network opportunities.

Study of teaching/ classroom observation

Provide opportunities to observe and reflect on experienced teachers in action.


Time allocation

Allocate time to engage in school networks through collaboration, coaching, work shadowing or attending professional learning.


In-class coach

Encourage graduate teachers in their second and third semester of teaching to apply to work with an in-class coach.



Graduate Teacher Induction Program

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