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Varietal range difference

There are over 330 species of mice in the world, but only the house mouse (Mus muscularis) should be kept as a pet in Australia. There are over 40 different types of domestic house mouse and these display a wide variety of coat colours and fur types, including long hair and
curly hair.

Physical characteristics

Size* overall length from nose to tail tip: 140mm - 180mm; approximate length from nose to tail base: 70mm - 90mm; approximate length of tail: 70mm - 90mm
Weight* adult male: approximately 20g - 40g; adult female: approximately 18g - 35g
Age at adult size 10-12 weeks
Average life span 2 years; range 1-3 years; maximum reported 6 years
Weight at birth 1kg - 1.5kg
Gestation period 19-21 days
Number of offspring 4-14
Weaning age 21 days
Range of breeding ages sexually mature from 5-7 weeks; female can have first oestrus cycle from 25-28 days; recommended breeding age 2.5-12 months; interval between births can be as short as 3.5-6 weeks
Body temperature 37.1°C - 37.4°C
Heart rate 310-840 beats/minute
Respiration rate 160 breaths/minute (94-163)

*Some types of fancy mice can be heavier and larger than traditional pet house mice

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