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Animal Use Decisions

Out of school care

Animals must be well cared for at all times, including on weekends and holidays.

(Code, 6.4.8)

Students and caregivers taking school pets home must be made aware of and comply with all the SAEC requirements of treatment when caring for animals.

Students must not be allowed to take animals home unless there is a clear, written undertaking from a parent or guardian that animals will be cared for adequately and responsibly

(Code, 6.4.10)

The school must confirm the pets will be kept in conditions that satisfy the Code and the SAEC guidelines and standard operating procedures and ensure suitable travelling containers and food are provided. A clear written undertaking must be obtained from an adult that the animals will be cared for adequately and responsibly.

It is the school’s responsibility to ensure students and caregivers are adequately informed of proper care of animals. This may be done by providing copies of relevant SAEC guidelines or school-developed care guides and verbal dissemination of information.

Should the animal become sick or injured whilst in the care of a student and their family, a school-appointed person must be contacted for guidance. Failing this, veterinary advice must be sought.

Animal Use Decisions

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