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Classroom First Strategy

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Progressing Classroom First

From the Director General

Classroom First has been important in making our classrooms the centre of improvement efforts. While changes are occurring at all levels of our school system, we must never lose sight of the fact that if these changes do not result in improved classroom instruction and student learning then our efforts have been in vain.

Our goal is clear: a system of public schools in which every school is a good school, every teacher is effective and every student is successful.

Classroom First describes a comprehensive set of actions by staff at all levels to support high quality classroom teaching. It also recognises the role of central and regional offices to create the best possible environment for schools to operate.

There has been a positive response to Classroom First from staff in schools as well as from those supporting schools. I believe there is widespread support to continue to use it as the driving force behind our decisions.

While we have been acting on the strategy with considerable success, we need to do more. This statement sets out the progress on each of the six elements and outlines what we will be doing next to continue the Classroom First strategy.


February 2011

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Progressing Classroom First