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Child Protection

Protective Behaviours - Skills for Life
Protective Behaviours - Skills for Life

Child Protection

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Welcome to the Child Protection website 

The Department of Education (the Department) is committed to the care, safety and protection of all public school students in Western Australia.

The purpose of this website is to strengthen support to schools in the area of child protection. 

This website has been developed to help you recognise, record and report child abuse. If you have any comments or requests you would like to share with us to improve our service to you, please email us at


Mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse

If you are a mandatory reporter, what this means for you.


Recognising child abuse

How to identify and respond to child abuse?


Recording of child abuse

How to record child abuse concerns.


Reporting child abuse

How to report a belief of child abuse based on reasonable grounds.


School support services

Support services to assist in managing child abuse matters.


Managing staff conduct

Assistance to manage staff conduct.



Dealing with Child Sexual Abuse; A Young Person's Insight
15 January 2015
Ms Hannah Baker, sexually abused by her father from a young age, will present at Statewide Services Centre on 23 January 2015 and will share her struggle to be heard and believed by government agencies, of the difficulty in making a direct and full disclosure to school staff of what was happening to her, and her loss of trust in people when no one acted on her behalf.


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