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Reporting Child Abuse

How do I report child sexual abuse?

1.  Sexual abuse that occurred before 1 January 2009 is not a mandatory report but must be reported to the local Department for Child Protection and Family Support (CPFS) Office through the school principal.  Go to Reporting other types of child abuse.

2.  Teachers who need to know how to report child sexual abuse, go to Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse.

3.  Non teaching staff who need to know how to report child sexual abuse, go to Reporting for Non Teaching Staff.

How do I report other types of child abuse?

Other types of child abuse include:

  • physical abuse
  • psychological abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • neglect.

Responsibilities of all staff in reporting other types of child abuse:

  • All child protection concerns relating to physical, psychological and emotional abuse or neglect that arise during a school activity* must be reported to the principal.
  • All consultations prior to making a report must be conducted in a confidential manner and documented. Use the SCHOOL RECORDING FORM FOR DISCLOSURES, OBSERVATIONS OF CHILD ABUSE AND ACTIONS to document your concerns.
  • If the decision to report arises after a disclosure or observation of indicators, make a report using the CPFS REFERRAL FORM.


*School activities may take place either on or away from school premises, and either during or outside school hours. Concerns may involve students enrolled at another school who are involved in the school activity.

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Reporting Child Abuse

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