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Protective Behaviours - Skills for Life

Child Protection

Child Protection and Abuse Prevention Online Course (CPAP)

The Department of Education is committed to providing professional learning programs for school staff to help increase their capacity to respond effectively to child protection concerns.

In response to amendments to the Children and Community Services Act 2004 and to support the implementation of the revised Child Protection policy, all staff are required to update their child protection professional knowledge by completing the online CPAPE.

A face-to-face option is available where the online program is inappropriate due to previous trauma, literacy issues or where technology is not sufficient to accommodate downloading material from online portals.


How do I access training?

Online CPAP

The online program is available on the DOE Portal through the Online Professional Learning tab. If you do not have a DOE Portal password, you can either refer to the Child Protection and Abuse Prevention online course FAQs (question 10) or contact the Child Protection Team on 9402 6124 for available options.

Face-to-face child protection professional development

A face-to-face option is available on a needs basis to be negotiated with the Child Protection Team. Contact the team at or Ph: 9402 6124 for more information.

What are the aims of the program?

CPAP aims to ensure school staff:

  • are better informed on how to locate and use the Department’s Child Protection policy and guidelines
  • understand the roles and responsibilities of all members of the school community and relevant agencies
  • can effectively recognise, record, report and respond to child protection concerns
  • know how to access the support and services provided by the Department for staff involved in the management of child protection issues.

Who is required to do the course?

  • Principals, deputy principals, teachers (including casual/relief), school psychologists, social workers and chaplains need to complete the course and assessment with a minimum 80% pass rate.
  • Other staff e.g. regional office staff, school office staff, Participation Coordinators, Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Education Officers, attendance officers, education assistants, registrars, library assistants, laboratory assistants and home economic assistants need to complete the course without an assessment.
  • School nurses may be exempt from doing the course if they provide a copy of their certificate of attendance at the Department of Health workshop on mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse since January 2009 to the school principal.

Who is responsible for the training?

The Child Protection Team is responsible for coordinating the online professional learning program.

All teaching and non-teaching staff who have contact with children must complete CPAP. The principal must manage and facilitate the completion of the program for school staff.

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Child Protection and Abuse Prevention Online Course

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