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Child Protection

Protective Behaviours - Skills for Life
Protective Behaviours - Skills for Life

Child Protection

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Child protection resources

  • Dealing with Sexual Abuse: A Young Person's Insights (Hannah Baker)

This free book provides a young person’s insights into the horrific experience of sexual abuse.

The manuscript has been reviewed by specialists including several counsellors and supervisors at Kids Helpline; a leading child sexual abuse researcher at Bravehearts; and a child psychologist specialised in sexual abuse. Reviewers have described it as “a valuable learning tool”, providing “a rare window into the past”, “emotionally moving”, and differentiated from other books in the area by its practical advice for support people.

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AIFS provides downloadable resource sheets compiled by staff at the National Child Protection Clearinghouse on children in care and child protection related matters.



UNICEF provides information on children's rights, child development and protection.


Protective behaviours resources

'When Daddy Hits the Table' and 'When Mummy shots' are Aboriginal stories, written as a pair, to acknowledge that both parents can display angry behaviour. The story is about children living with a parent who is angry, a teacher at the school noticing that something is wrong at home and the wider family being there to listen and offer support. The books can be ordered using the link above.


Protective Behaviours offer a comprehensive range of resources open to the community providing an extensive array of leaning materials including storybooks, lesson plan workbooks, cd-roms activity sheets, puppetry and visual learning aids.

These resources are available to service providers, parents and carers.

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