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Would you like to live and teach overseas or in another state of Australia for a school year?

If you are an experienced teacher, you could further your teaching skills by participating in a teacher exchange. Many exchange teachers find that a year in another system is an enormous boost to their effectiveness and enthusiasm as a teacher.

This program is available to full-time permanent public school teachers in Western Australia with at least five years teaching experience. Participants exchange teaching positions and their own personal accommodation with overseas and interstate teachers for a period of one school calendar year, generally beginning in January (southern hemisphere) or July (northern hemisphere).

As an exchange teacher, you have the opportunity to learn and compare different education systems; exchange ideas and knowledge; and progress your professional learning. It is an ambassadorial role where you represent the Department of Education. You are also required to develop and present a research project based on your observations and experiences.

Applications for teacher exchange are called for in Term 4 and are advertised through Ed-e-mail. If you are interested, you need to complete the application form and have your principal’s endorsement.

Please view the Application Package below for further information.

Teacher Exchange Program 2017 - Applications are now open until 4:30pm (WST) on Tuesday 22 December 2015.

Application package:

Handbook for School Administrators 2017
Information and Guidelines for Teachers 2017
Teacher Exchange Program Application Form 2017

Teacher Exchange

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