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Applying for the graduate teacher pool

Graduate teachers are those in their first two years (eight terms) of teaching.
As a graduate teacher, there are a number of ways you can apply to teach in a Western Australian public school.

To be eligible you must meet the Department’s eligibility requirements.

To see the current Graduate Teacher Pool advertisement, click here.

Graduate teacher pool

Students in their final year of teaching who wish to apply to teach in a public school can do this online. Principals may choose to access and select from the graduate teacher pool as teaching vacancies in their schools arise throughout the year. You may be appointed to either a permanent or fixed-term position from this pool.

When making your application, you are required to nominate the regions and schools where you wish to teach. To access the benefits of the Country Teaching Program or the Metropolitan Teaching Program you need to select schools which are part of these programs in your application.

You can remain in the graduate teacher pool for two years from graduating as a teacher. Graduates in this pool receive a reminder email each April and October to confirm that they wish to remain in the pool. Graduates are responsible for determining if they wish to remain in the pool to seek further or alternative employment.

At the end of two years (eight terms) you need to remove your application from the graduate teacher pool. You can then choose to apply to the fixed-term appointment pool if you are seeking fixed term appointments.

Advertised vacancies

Schools may advertise their teacher vacancies on Jobs WA. Applications for these positions go directly to schools that have advertised vacant positions, and a merit selection process is undertaken. Teachers in the graduate teacher pool are only considered for these advertised vacancies if they apply directly for them. Graduates do not need to be in the graduate teacher pool to apply directly for advertised vacancies.

Relief teaching

Individual schools are responsible for the employment of relief teachers. You can contact a school directly and indicate your availability for relief teaching and provide a copy of your resume.

Guide to applying for the graduate teacher pool online

Step 1
Visit the Jobs WA website.
Type ‘graduate teacher pool’ in the box ‘position number or keywords’. Ignore all other fields and click ‘search’.

Step 2
Select position
Click on ‘Graduate teacher pool’ advertisement.

Step 3
Job advertisement
You are taken to an information page about graduate teaching positions. Click on ‘apply for job’. This link takes you to another information page with self-assessment questions which you need to complete before proceeding.

Step 4
After the self-assessment you are asked to enter your email address and create your password. This enables you to save your details and access them in the future. You can continue to edit your application until you are ready to 'submit' your completed application.

For advice on preparing and writing your CV refer to support in applying for positions.

Step 5
Enter your details
You are now ready to start applying to be part of the graduate teacher pool to be considered for school positions. Make sure you complete all the required information through the following screens. At the bottom of each page you are given three options, ‘save’, ‘back’ or ‘next’. At any time during the application process you can click on ‘save’ so you can safely close the website and return to complete your application later.

Step 6
Selecting your school preferences
During the application process you are asked to select your school preferences – that is, where you would like to teach. Before applying, take the time to think about where you would like to teach and research the schools at Schools Online.

Step 7
Complete and submit application

Once you have completed and submitted your application, a confirmation screen provides you with an application reference and further information about the next steps in the recruitment process. Once an application has been submitted, it is no longer possible to retrieve it for further editing.

Step 8
Keep your application up to date

You can resubmit your application at any time. If you would like to make any changes to your application, remove/update any attachments, adjust school choices, just simply log into your job seeker account via Job WA.

Step 9
Determine when to remove your application from the Graduate Teacher Pool

You can remove your application from the graduate teacher pool at any time. Once your application is removed, you are no longer considered for positions.

This may be because you have secured a permanent position, are working overseas or are no longer seeking employment with the Department of Education.

Step 10
Remove your application from the Graduate Teacher Pool when you are no longer a graduate

You are eligible to apply for the graduate teacher pool during your first two years (eight terms) of teaching upon graduation as a teacher.

At the end of this period, you need to remove your application from the graduate teacher pool by telephoning Recruitment Services on 9264 4127. You may then choose to apply to the fixed-term appointment pool.


Graduate Teacher Pool

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