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School Support Staff

As the largest employer in the State, there are a multitude of employment opportunities in public education. School support staff make a vital contribution to our schools and the education of students.

When you work in a public school you’ll enjoy the personal rewards of making a difference to students’ lives as well as the benefits of flexible working conditions.

There are a wide variety of positions available including in the areas of support for student learning, program delivery, administrative functions, facilities maintenance and technical expertise.

Additional job information
All support staff positions in our schools are advertised on Jobs WA. You can view current and past advertised vacancies and find specific information on the job description forms which are attached to each position.

School profiles
To find out more about our individual schools visit Schools Online.

Schools Online is a directory of public schools in Western Australia and contains information about programs offered and student numbers at each school as well as general school information.


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Administrative support roles in schools

Manager Corporate Services
They manage the day-to-day financial and human resource aspects of school operations including managing staff. The role also assists the principal in ensuring that the school meets its strategic, operational and financial objectives.

School Corporate Services Graduate Program
Graduates looking to kick-start a career in school corporate services are encouraged to apply to this pool on Jobs WA and the CareerHub Central Network during June of each year for placements in schools the following year.

Applications for the School Corporate Services Graduate Program Appointment Pool 2018 are now closed.

For further information about the program, please contact Ms Jaime Marcelle-Matthews on 9264 4576 or email:

School officers
They provide general clerical and administrative services to support the operations of schools.

Library officers
They maintain the resources and environment of school resource centres to support the learning outcomes of students.

The range of administrative support roles supporting schools include:

  • Manager Corporate Services- Level 5
  • Manager Corporate Services - Level 4
  • Manager Corporate Services - Level 3
  • Business Support Officer - Level 3
  • Camp School Manager - Level 6
  • Finance and Administration Support Officer - Camp School - Level 3
  • Finance Officer - Level 3
  • Human Resource Officer - Level 3
  • Library Officer - Level 2
  • Library Officer - Level 1
  • School Officer - Level 2
  • School Officer - Level 1
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Student/teacher support roles

A variety of roles exists in schools to support student learning and teachers.

Aboriginal and Islander Education officers (AIEO)
They assist teachers in delivering planned education programs and encouraging supportive and inclusive learning environments; assist and support Aboriginal students; and act as liaison between communities and schools.

Pursuant to Section 50(d) of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984, the occupant of this position must be of Aboriginal descent.  You can provide confirmation of your Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent through the completion of a Verification of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Heritage form.

Further information regarding this position can be obtained in the AIEO Handbook.

Education assistants (mainstream)
They support the teaching and learning of students by helping teachers to deliver education programs and by encouraging supportive and inclusive learning environments in primary schools.

Education assistant (Special Needs/Braille/Behaviour Centre)
They support the teaching and learning of students who may have specific learning requirements or operate in specific learning environments.

Ethnic Assistants
They support the specific needs of English as an Additional Language or Dialect students, and communication with parents/carers and other members of school communities.

Student support officers
They work in secondary schools to assist with administrative processes that ensure responsive and effective student services, often linked with school attendance strategies and student support programs.

Home economics assistants
They provide classroom level support and assist with preparing and maintaining home economics learning environments.

Laboratory technicians
They provide support to teaching staff in the area of chemical and equipment preparation and apparatus for science classes.

  • Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer - Level 3
  • Education Assistant (AUSLAN)
  • Education Assistant (Behaviour Centre)
  • Education Assistant (Braille)
  • Education Assistant (Defence Force Transitional Aide) - Level 3
  • Education Assistant (Mainstream) - Level 1
  • Education Assistant (Mainstream) - Level 2
  • Education Assistant (Special Needs) - Level 2
  • Education Assistant (Special Needs) - Level 3
  • Ethnic Assistant - Level 3
  • Home Economic Assistant - Level 1
  • Home Economic Assistant - Level 2
  • Laboratory Technician - Level 1
  • Laboratory Technician - Level 2
  • Residential Manager - Level 5*
  • Residential Supervisor - Level 1*
  • Student Support Coordinator - Level 4
  • Student Support Officer - Level 2
  • Student Support Officer - Level 3
  • Student Support Worker - Intensive English Centre - Level 3
  • Vocational Trainer and Assessor - Level 5
  • Youth Support Worker (Defence Secondary Transition Mentor) - Level 4

* Please note: JDFs for Western Australian College of Agriculture

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Facilities support roles

There is a range of roles for staff working to maintain the facilities and sites of more than 770 schools across Western Australia.

They support the maintenance of school buildings by carrying out internal and external cleaning duties. There are a variety of levels within this role, depending on the complexity of duties and the size of schools.

Gardeners/handy people
They maintain school grounds and gardens and undertake minor repairs and maintenance. There are a variety of levels within this role, depending on the complexity of duties and size of schools.

They manage quality control, storage and hygiene in accordance with occupational safety and health requirements when catering for camp schools, agricultural colleges and other residential facilities.

  • Assistant Cleaner in Charge - Level 2
  • Assistant Gardener/ Handyperson - Level 1
  • Chef - Level 4*
  • Cleaner - Level 1
  • Cleaner – Working Alone - Level 2
  • Cleaner in Charge - Level 3*
  • Cleaner in Charge - Level 3
  • Cleaner in Charge - Level 7
  • First Cook - Level 3*
  • Gardener/Handyperson - Level 2
  • Kitchen Hand - Level 1
  • Kitchen Staff Employee - Level 1*
  • Other Cook
  • Qualified Cook
  • Second Cook - Level 2*
  • Senior Gardener/Handyperson - Level 5

* Please note: JDFs for Western Australian College of Agriculture

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Technical support roles

Some schools require specific technical support to deliver specialised education programs, for example farm managers, network administrators and technical support officers.

  • Assistant Farm Manager - Level 4**
  • Assistant Farm Supervisor - Level 4**
  • Farm Manager - Level 6**
  • Farm Supervisor - Level 5**
  • Network Administrator - Level 4
  • Network Support Officer - Level 3
  • Senior Technical Officer - Agricultural Instruction - Level 3**
  • Technical Officer - Agricultural Instruction - Level 1**
  • Technical Officer - Agricultural Instruction - Level 2**
  • Technical Support Officer - Level 2

** Please note: JDFs for Western Australian College and Agriculture and Farm Schools

School Support Staff

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