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Placement and deployment of permanent staff requiring placement.

There are a number of permanent Department of Education employees requiring permanent placement.  Employees that have been notified that they are:

  • an employee requiring placement, or 
  • a registrable employee, or
  • a registered redeployee,

can view the Frequently Asked Questions below for further information.

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Why does someone become an employee requiring permanent placement?

Permanent staff require a permanent placement to be located for them when their substantive positions are abolished, they are surplus to requirements, or there is a requirement to be moved to a different location.  


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Are all permanent employees requiring placement redeployees?

In the past, the term ‘internal redeployee’ was used to refer to an employee of the Department who required an alternative position to be found for them.  These employees were advised they had been registered for redeployment. This was a process to allow them to be referred to suitable vacancies within the Department.

Employees previously referred to as “redeployees” are now, in accordance with the Public Sector Management (Redeployment and Redundancy) Regulations 2014, either ‘registrable employees’ or employees who are ‘registered for redeployment.’ There are also employees requiring placement for other reasons who do not currently meet the requirements for being regarded as ‘registrable’ in accordance with the new regulations, and are therefore categorized as ‘employees requiring placement’.

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What are the changes in redeployment legislation?

There are three stages of the redeployment process under the new legislation. 

In the first stage, an employee whose position has been abolished, or who is surplus to requirements will become a registrable employee.  This can be for an unlimited time while an alternative position is being sought.

Where a registrable employee cannot be transferred to a suitable position within the Department, the employee may be registered for redeployment.  This is the second stage of the redeployment process.

A registered employee who cannot be redeployed into a suitable position by the end of six months will move to the third stage which means their employment will end and they will receive a redundancy payment.  This stage is a last resort taken only after all options have been exhausted.  The Department has not registered any staff as registered employees under the new regulations and does not plan to do so in the foreseeable future. 

The Department also has employees who require placement  but who are not registrable or registered as their position has not been abolished nor are they surplus to requirements.   Employees requiring placement, that is those that are neither a registrable employee or an employee registered for redeployment, are not part of this process.

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What are my rights and obligations as a permanent employee requiring placement, registrable employee or registered employee (redeployee)?

Employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their own career management and actively pursue alternative employment opportunities.  Employees have the right to be provided with suitable interim work, and with professional support, pending their placement. This may be in the school/branch you were surplus to, or another school/branch. While awaiting placement, you are required to continue attending your workplace and to meet all your usual employment responsibilities. 

Although every effort will be made to find you a permanent placement, you are encouraged to apply for vacancies which are advertised on Jobs WA and register for email alerts via this site. The Teach in WA app can be downloaded to your mobile device from the Apple or Google Play store.

You can apply to recruitment pools, permanent and fixed term positions. Prior to accepting a fixed term position please contact your case manager.

Teachers and education assistants are encouraged to also apply to the transfer pool. A transfer pool for ministerial officers and public servants wishing to transfer to positions in other schools is now in place. 

All employees will be provided with assistance to ensure they are fully informed of their redeployment, retraining and redundancy rights, entitlements and obligations.  You will be allocated a case manager through the Staff Recruitment and Employment Services Directorate who will assist with this information.

All employees requiring placement (including registrable and registered employees) are obligated to:

  • provide a current CV to their case manager and keep it up to date,
  • improve their job search skills,
  • undertake retraining (where applicable),
  • prepare and research for interviews,
  • present positively when discussing possible placements with line managers of vacant positions and
  • accept a suitable placement opportunity even when they may not consider the placement to be ideal.
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What are the rights and obligations of the employer?

Case managers in Staff Recruitment and Employment Services are responsible for providing case management support to all employees requiring placement and to locate a new position equivalent in classification to the permanent position previously held.

Case managers will ensure that employees have meaningful work whilst they are awaiting placement, and ensure that the employee continues to receive their usual salary.

Case managers will continuously review vacancies to determine their suitability for employees, and refer employees to suitable vacancies consideration by the appropriate line manager.

Principals/line managers are responsible for the day to day management of all employees placed in their school.  Normal performance management processes apply.

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Is there a time limit on finding an alternate position?

For permanent employees requiring placement and registrable employees, there is no specified time frame for finding an alternate position.  Upon transition from registrable employee to registered employee, a redeployment period of 6 months applies.

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Will I be redeployed at the same hours, salary and working conditions?

Yes.  However there may be a variation in your work roster to meet the student needs at the new school.  Locality allowances are not transferable between sites.

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