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Senior Teacher

Senior Teacher Role

Senior Teachers are experienced teachers committed to high quality teaching and ongoing professional learning. They play an important role in:

  • developing pedagogy and contributing to curriculum development
  • providing mentoring, supervision, professional support, counselling and guidance for teachers
  • contributing to the leadership of school development planning and identifying priorities.

To find out more about the conditions and allowances of teaching in public schools please read the The School Education Act Employees’ (Teachers and Administrators) General Agreement 2017.

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How to become a Senior Teacher

Eligible teachers for Senior Teacher status must demonstrate they have met teacher registration and service requirements and completed relevant and recent professional learning, as detailed in the Senior Teacher application guidelines.

To be eligible for Senior Teacher, you will:

  • have Full Registration with the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia
  • be employed as a permanent or fixed-term teacher with the Department
  • have completed a minimum of 12 months service at salary level 2.9 with the Department
  • have completed recent (past five years) and relevant professional learning approved by the Department.

Teachers undertaking Performance Improvement Plans or undergoing a Substandard performance process will not be considered for Senior Teacher status.


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Senior Teacher Professional Learning

Applicants are required to completed relevant and recent professional learning prior to applying for Senior Teacher status.

Select one of the two options listed below.

Option One

The Senior Teacher Individual Professional Learning Program aligns with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and consists of:

  1. Completion of an online information session (approximately two hours).
    This session is designed to develop the skills and knowledge required for the Senior Teacher role. It also demonstrates the requirements of applying through Option One. The following two requirements will be outlined in the information session. The session contributes two hours to the required 42 hours of relevant and recent professional learning.
  2. Completion of a Professional Learning Record which outlines 42 hours of relevant and recent professional learning.
  3. Completion of the Senior Teacher Application Form, including principal endorsement.  Principals or delegates are required to endorse completion of professional learning requirements and how these have been applied in the school context.

To enrol in the Senior Teacher Information Session for Option One please visit the Institute for Professional Learning’s webpage.

Option Two

Applicants select from one of the following categories to apply for Senior Teacher status, and complete the Senior Teacher Application Form:  

  • a unit or course at a university aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers;
  • approved research proposal at masters or doctoral level related to an education qualification;
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from a Registered Training Organisation;
  • equivalent Senior Teacher status gained from another educational provider, comparable to the Department’s Senior Teacher status;
  • acting role as School Administrator within past 5 years (minimum of two terms or six months); or
  • permanent retrogression from a School Administrator position within past 5 years.
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Application Forms

Applicants may use the PDF forms within the Senior Teacher Application Guidelines or a word version of the application forms can be accessed via this link.

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Further Information

Further information is provided in the Senior Teacher Application Guidelines, and clarification can be obtained from:

Workforce Policy and Coordination
Department of Education
T:   9264 5568

For more information about the courses available through the Department which meet the professional learning requirement for Senior Teacher, please contact:

Leadership Institute
Department of Education
T:   1300 610 801

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to complete 12 months service at teaching salary level 2.9 if I have gained senior teacher status in another jurisdiction?
    Yes, it is a requirement that you have 12 months service at the top level of the teaching salary scale with the Department before you are eligible to become a senior teacher.
  2. Do I need to complete 12 months service at teaching salary level 2.9 if I am regressing from a school administration position?
    No, however you must have 10 or more years’ service with the Department to be eligible. Most administrators will retrogress to the top level of the teacher salary scale due to their years of service already completed. Though the usual requirement is for a teacher to work 12 months at the top level of the salary scale, in the case of retrogressed administrators years of service up to or greater than 10 years (as required to gain senior teacher status) will be considered as contributory service.
  3. What date will my Senior Teacher salary commence?
    The appointment to Senior Teacher date is effective from the start of the first full pay period on or after your application is received. If an arrears payment is due it will be paid shortly after your application has been finalised.
  4. How much is the Senior Teacher salary?
    Please refer to The School Education Act Employees’ (Teachers and Administrators) General Agreement 2017 for information on the Senior Teacher salary.


Senior Teacher

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